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She was the wildest girl in town. He was the boy with the strongest arm and the truest aim. The rebel child and the golden boy. Together, they were hell-bent for chaos. Who was the match and who was the gasoline? Depended on the day. But that was a long time ago.

Peri Abshire left her hometown at the age of eighteen, heartbroken and recently cleared of a bank robbery accusation, but glad to be on her way. She was finally free of the town too small to hold her since the day she was born and the boy too good to be true after all. In eleven years, she’s only come home once: for her daddy’s funeral. But now, her mama’s sick, and not just heartsick the way Peri has left her more than once. And that’s the only thing in this whole world that could bring the girl voted Most Likely to Crash the Internet back to Copper, Texas.

Bryce Callaway put home in the rearview of his brand-new Ford pickup two weeks after high school graduation, headed for a summer job at the largest waterpark in Texas and classes in the fall at Texas State. He had a bright future ahead of him—that’s what his dad kept telling him, anyway. All he could see were his past mistakes: the prank gone too far, the most beautiful girl in the world who wouldn’t even speak to him anymore. He’s been back home for three years, and now, she’s back again, too. He knows it’s not for good, but it’s sure good to see her. It’s still Peri.

It’s always been Peri.

Welcome to the world of fast burns and happy turns.

Where meet-cutes almost always turn into meet-bangs…
Heroines always find their happily-ever-afters…
Heroes are supporting characters…
And page turns are inevitable…

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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. Please make yourself at home and browse around.

As I’m solely indie-published at this time, you’re in the best place to find out about my current books and upcoming projects. I will also be adding information about signing events, so check back often.

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If you came in search of strong heroines and dirty-talking heroes who live by a “Work Hard, Love Harder” motto, I’ve got some characters who are ready to make you laugh, sweat, and swoon.

I’m probably writing my next book as you’re reading this, but feel free to reach out, because I love hearing from readers. You can also find me on social media. 

I am endlessly grateful for all the amazing readers who check out my books. With so many great books to choose from, thank you for spending your precious time with mine.

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